Most Recommended Fitness Tracker App August 2023

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Fitness tracker app are the best motivators for those who always adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Although health is important, people’s awareness to take care of it is still small.

One example is that only a small percentage do regular physical activity every day. In fact, exercise is not only for physical health but also for mental health.

Practicing fitness is not always going to the gym. The digital era makes fitness training activities feel more fun, namely through applications.

Most Recommended Fitness Tracker Apps August 2023

3 List of Most Recommended Fitness Tracker App 2023

Various applications that exist today cannot be far from human activities, including applications to help track this fitness. The application allows users to monitor and analyze health conditions.

Do you already have a promising outlook on fitness apps? If not, maybe the following list of applications can help you.


This one app will really motivate you to practice fitness. How could it not? This famous app connects you with other users.

They are competing to do physical activity. All activity is well recorded with the fitness tracker app Strava. In addition, you can use Strava for comparison of every exercise, telling stories, sharing photos, to find out the activities of fellow users.

Strava trackers provide accurate performance. The calorie counter feature has real results. If you’re looking for a fitness app with an amazing tracker, Strava is the choice.

Google Fit

This application made by Google is fairly special, this is because the application has been integrated with the device and a number of applications that you install. This means that anyone can use the app. Google Fit runs with the Android operating system. Although it’s simpler than Strava, it’s still worth checking out.

Enable the MyFitnessPal feature to track the food you consume, and the Apple Watch feature to detect steps. Want to track weight training? Enable the Jefit feature.

Wouldn’t regret choosing Google Fit because the fitness tracker app has collaborated with WHO. You can get various proper health training tips.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is also the best app for fitness tracker tasks. There is a large selection of practice fields available. Starting from strength training, yoga, cardio training, resistance training, to yoga. Uniquely, each application user can choose the level of exercise intensity as needed.

Another advantage of this fitness tracker application is that it can compare data results with other application users. When you see the results of other users’ training, it will automatically increase your enthusiasm to practice more diligently.

Activate GPS technology when you want to measure the distance and trajectory you have traveled. This running activity tracking feature really motivates users. Later, a notification will appear so that you keep trying hard. Get free articles related to tips to improve fitness.

Which fitness tracker app suits your dreams? Or do you already have other application recommendations? Whatever the app, make sure to download the official version.

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