Best Meditation Guide App Help Improve Sleep Quality

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The meditation guide app will help maintain the mental health of its users. With the right meditation techniques and guidance, the body, and mind become refreshed.

Basically, meditation aims to maintain the balance of body and mind. When our minds are filled with positive things, then we can live life well.

Best Meditation Guide App Help Improve Sleep Quality

The Most Popular Meditation Guide App

Similarly to fitness tracker apps, you’ll have no trouble finding meditation app. The application is an official application so that users are safe from hacker attacks.

However, still people are confused about choosing it. In order not to choose the wrong one, here are the best recommendations.

Apk Calm

This one application is quite interesting to try. Those who want to reduce stress and maintain mental health, certainly will not miss it.

This Meditation guide app is known to be user-friendly, for both old and new users. In addition to containing meditation methods, Calm also provides varying time durations. Start 3 minutes and the maximum time of meditation is 25 minutes.

If you want to know the meditation program from beginning to end, please activate the Daily Calm feature. The Calm Masterclass allows users to be in audio classes with world mediation experts.

This app is perfect for those who have anxiety disorders, and want to improve sleep quality, and integrated meditation materials. Also, choose a favorite story to accompany your night’s rest. Unfortunately, the monthly subscription fee is quite expensive.

Guided Mind

Offering a free trial, you will have time to determine whether this meditation guide app is the best or not. The length of the trial time is 5 days. So, take advantage of the time available to know what mindfulness is.

Various contents in it always change once a month. This is why users don’t get bored.

There are several excellent programs on Guided Mind. There are programs for success, creativity, and relationships. All of these programs are interest-based.

Well, the exercise segments in Guided Mind are available on a variety of topics. Please select a topic as needed. There is depression, affection, sleep, etc.

10% Happier

The quality of your sleep is declining day by day? It’s time to try 10% Happier.

Just like the previous app, 10% Happier also offers a free trial period. Well, if you want to get the full features and interesting videos, please upgrade to the premium version.

Various meditation guides and exercises inside the app not only help cure sleeplessness. You can take advantage of meditation techniques to relieve anxiety.

In addition to focus and meditation practice, 10% Happier also provides mindful activities. This is very good for preventing the mind from excessive stress.

In addition, there are still other types of exercises. There are concentration exercises, visualization, and repetition exercises.

Which meditation guide app interests you? Choose an app that has features according to your needs. Try to download the official app.